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Find the right nozzle for the job!
Choosing the right nozzle for your application from BETE's 20,000-plus products can be daunting.
We have created a selection Wizard which makes it easy!
We have simplified the Wizard into these steps:
In Step 1, you select an application, the type of job you want your nozzle to perform.
In Step 2, you select a nozzle series, the group of nozzles best fit for your application.
In Step 3, you select a nozzle model, the nozzle with specific parameters like spray angle, flow rate and operating pressure.
If you would like to change the units of measurement between metric and non-metric system units, please select "Select Units".

If at any time during the selection Wizard you have a question or need advice making a selection, please select "Contact BETE" so we may help you further.

Please choose the units of measurement you would like to use for your application.
When you have made your decision, select "GO >" to continue.
Flow Rate UnitsGallons per minute (GPM)Liters per minute (l/min)Gallons per hour (GPH)Liters per hour (l/h)
Pressure UnitsPounds per square inch (PSI)Bar (bar)
Dimension UnitsInches (IN)Millimeters (mm)
Temperature UnitsDegrees Fahrenheit (° F)Degrees Celsius (° C)
Weight UnitsOunces (oz)Grams (g)Pounds (lb)Kilograms (kg)